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No party or occasion is complete without ordering special Pizzas from a fancy pizza place. While there are lots of stores that serve fresh and hot pizzas just at your doorstep, there is something unique as well as natural about Cici’s Pizza. A legendary pizza store that has made its way right into the hearts of the people, it has received much love over the years due to its authentic thin-crust pizzas that cause everyone to drool. For a better-increased reputation and even attracting lots of customers, Cicis in recent years had introduced the Cicis Customer survey. Before venturing into the details of the survey, let us get a brief idea about the store.

Cicis and its brief history:

If you do love to have fresh pizzas every once in a while, then you must have definitely heard about Cicis. Started in the year 1985, Cicis has grown to be one of the largest pizza restaurants with chains in more than 35 states in the US. It has also opened many stores in the Middle East countries as well as in Asia. The pizzas served in the store are something different and cannot be imitated at all. Made with fresh flour as well as other ingredients, they are all hand-tossed and baked as soon as you order one. Topped with herbs, whose flavors are incomparable, some of the most classic Cicis pizzas happen to be the ham pizza, cheddar cheese pizza, buffalo pizza and also the Alfredo and beef pizza.

The level of traditionalism that the store retains is something that makes it proud and therefore, its pizza menu hasn’t changed since the day it has started. However, owing to the level of competition from other pizza chains, Cicis has introduced its Italian Buffet section that comprises of various types of flatbreads, pasta, and even salads. Thus, even in attracting better customers, the store has introduced the Cicis customer survey system so that customers can relate more to the store by simply reflecting on the food that they have just eaten.

The survey is one of the basic policies through which Cicis aims at improved customer appreciation. In order to make the whole service more customer-friendly, it is necessary to know what the customers are thinking about the store and thus, the survey enhances the spirit of the restaurant to connect to the customers and serve them better.

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How to register for the Cicis Customer survey?

Customers visiting the Cicis restaurant can take the survey at any point in time. In order to register, the two processes are as follows:

Register through the mobile application:

Customers can easily download the Cicis Mobile app and enter the details asked to register for the Cicis survey. Each customer, however, must spend a minimum of 5 to 7 dollars in order to get the survey receipt.

Register with the loyalty program:

There is a Cicis loyalty program present as well and customers can make use of it too in order to take part in the Cicis survey registration. Once the customers are registered, they would be awarded gift vouchers after the completion of the survey. Once the voucher is claimed, it can be used at the store for claiming the desired prize.

Requirements to take Cicis Survey:

The Cicis survey is typically one of the easiest surveys that can be taken within minutes. Thus, before starting the survey and claiming the reward of yours, make sure that you have the following ready with you:

  • The receipt from the Cicis store.
  • A laptop or even a PC for running the survey and completing it.
  • Good internet or even Wi-Fi connection

Steps to take the Cicis survey:

Mentioning the fact that the Cicis survey is pretty simple, it must be noted that the receipt you get after visiting the Cicis store is valid against a single individual itself. Therefore, taking care of the terms and conditions before starting the survey enables you to complete it without many complexities. Also, the set of instructions for logging into the survey after registering must be taken care of as well. Thus, the steps that must be followed in order to start the survey are as follows:

  • Visit the Cicis restaurant portal and select the language in which you want to take the survey. The website happens to support English as well as the Italian language.
  • Click on sign in and enter the details that are required. You must positively enter the time and the day when you visited the store. Once done, your name automatically appears in the survey window.
  • Enter the code that is printed on the Cicis receipt.
  • Next, you can start the survey instantly by answering the questions. Most of the questions are about the restaurant and the food that was served to you. In addition to that, staff behavior questions are also asked. You must answer them all frankly and even write down any comments that you have in the box down below.
  • Once done with the survey, you can submit it.
  • Once you submit the survey, a code is created. You must write down the code for reference that you have participated in the survey. As soon as you log out, you get the voucher coupon emailed at the address that you have listed. You can claim it and use it as per your own convenience.

Providing feedback for the survey!

Once the survey is over, the store offers to give you a feedback form and you can comment as to how your survey went. If you felt that the questions were unnecessary or some things needed to be changed, you could write it in the feedback form and submit it. In addition to that, you can contact customer care service too and get all sorts of suitable information about the store as well as the survey anytime!

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