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If one likes to eat fast food, especially chicken-based fast food, the chances are that he would have heard of Church’s Chicken. After all, Church’s Chicken is the fourth largest fried chicken serving store after KFC, Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes Chicken And Biscuits, with more than 1600 stores scattered all over the world.

This store, established in 1952, has been catering to the needs of its customers since more than half a century! Being in the business for so long wasn’t easy but the policy of the store – ‘To prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else’, has made appreciative and satisfied customers support it through the decades. As a way to improve its customer service and to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer, this fast-food chain periodically offers its customers a survey called ChurchListens.

Rules & requirements to Participate in Church’s Chicken Listens Survey:

In order to encourage participation so that more and more people could participate, the requirements to participate in ChurchListens have been kept to a bare minimum. Similarly, in order to get raw and genuine feedback from its customers, the rules for participating in this survey are also kept to a bare minimum.

Requirements for participation

It orders to participate in this survey, a person should provide some proof that he is indeed a genuine customer of Church’s Chickens. Any recent receipt, with or without the Church’s Survey Invitation Code, from any of its 1600 outlets is a valid proof of being a customer. Once the receipt has been arranged, all a customer needs to enter the survey is to fill in the restaurant number and enter the time of visit, both as mentioned on the receipt, into the ChurchListens official website.

Rules for participation

Only the customers older than eighteen years of age and currently not employed by Church’s Chicken are eligible to enter this survey. A person cannot partake in this survey more than once a month so in order to retake the survey, he has to wait for another month.  Along with this, the receipt used should be fairly recent.

Church’s Chicken Listens Survey Rewards:

Church’s Chicken usually hands out a reward to its customers for completing the survey. Often, the reward is printed on the receipt itself. The reward can be a free dish or a cash discount on total bill upon next visit to the restaurant.

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Steps to fill out the ChurchListen Survey Form

Filling up Church’s Chicken customer satisfaction form ( called as ChurchListen) is fairly simple as the questions, about a person’s recent dining experience at Church’s Chicken, are really simple and ‘to the point’. This is done deliberately so that the survey could take as less time as possible to be filled out by a customer. If done right, this survey can be completed in just two minutes!

  • The first step is to access the Church’s Chicken Survey Website. While most of the popular fast-food chains provide a single survey website to his customers, thinking it as a business obligation for gaining customer’s goodwill, Church’s Chicken provides three different survey websites. The increased traffic on a single server might result in a server overload thus a customer might not be able to partake in the survey and since Church’s Chicken highly values its customer’s feedback, such a possibility should be avoided at all costs! Even if that means maintaining three different websites to take the same survey.
  • The second step involves enrolling in the survey itself, for this a person should have the recent receipt of purchase in his hands. The first step of enrollment is to enter the store number in the site, which is provided at the top of the receipt. Then depending upon the website accessed, a person would need to enter the date and time of his visit or the order number is printed on the receipt. Church’s chicken provides the option of continuing in two languages – English or Spanish, upon making a language choice the person has been enrolled and the survey starts.
  • The third step is the filling out of the survey form. The customer is asked to rate his/her dining experience at the restaurant along with some more specific questions. These questions deal with the Church’s menu, the behavior of the staff at the store and the services being offered by them. At the end of the survey, there would be a question asking customers to write down their feedback, within 1200 characters, in their own words. The customer can suggest improvements, describe their latest experience, lodge complaints or praise the services of the restaurant.
  • After every question has been answered, an offer for joining Church’s Chicken Club would be displayed. If the person agrees to be a part of this club, he would have to sign up for this service of informing customers about the latest offers in the Church’s Chicken, by registering his email. The details of the offers would be emailed to him at the given address.
  • After, the survey is completed the website would display a ‘Validation Code’, which one has to write down on his receipt. The person simply has to present this receipt, with the validation code written on it, on the counter upon his next visit in order to avail free dishes or discounts.

Customer satisfaction is an important method to maintain a loyal customer base and with the ChurchListen survey, Church’s Chicken is continuously finding ways to improve their services and products. All so that a customer can get to eat the best possible chicken out there.

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