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Peet’s Coffee is a famous coffee roaster that is known far and wide for retailing the best coffee from the San Francisco Bay Area. For a franchise along the bay, the efforts of Alfred Peet and his predecessors have been huge to make it the largest contributor to world’s freshly roasted beans, espresso beverages, and brewed coffee. The famous French Roast also goes to the sides at most of the restaurant chains. However, it is essential to know that Peet’s coffee as of today has extended its services and is providing coffee to 14,000 grocery stores across 11 states of the United States.

The Motive Behind the PeetslistensSurvey:

Peet’s coffee is so famous that customers from all over the world come to the States to try these brewed beans. Hence, the company needs to establish a strong customer base amongst the potential customers who are willing to invest in these beans. Furthermore, this motive has inspired the owners to introduce the customer satisfaction survey known as Peetslistens to interact freely with the customers and understand and evaluate their opinions and put it into practice. Hence, this is essential for the management and allocation of resources.

Originally Peet’s coffee maintained the sale of spices and tea along with coffee. However, on further customer validation, it now mainly distributes tea and coffee of different varieties and ranges. Peet’s shall remain obliged to you for taking its survey on trying the coffee beans. This obligation allows them to give exceptional rewards to the customers on taking the survey. Every survey participant will be allowed to enter the sweepstakes and prizes worth gift cards of $500 each. This is the reward for taking the Peetslisten survey.

eRules & Requirements for the PeetslistenSurvey:

  • Participants: Only legal American citizens will be allowed to take the survey as only they can be held responsible to enter the sweepstake. Hence, 18 years is the minimum age criteria for this survey. Furthermore, employees or their families will not be allowed to take the survey to negate any kind of bias in the system.
  • Sweepstakes: The sweepstakes arranged by Peet’s Coffee takes place around December. The total number of entry periods is divided into 13 segments and 5 quarters. These quarters will have their drawings which will finally land the winner for that particular year. The notification regarding details involving your position in the sweepstakes will only be informed through mail or call. The sweepstakes can also be entered directly without taking the survey through their official website. Entering this is easy as it only requires you to submit your survey after completing it.
  • Winners: The winner of every sweepstakes drawing is unique and it is not relevant to your survey details. On conducting random drawings, the administrators will be able to select the all-round winner for the same.
  • Prizes: A prize of $100 will be offered to the winner of the sweepstakes drawings. This prize money will be provided through a gift card that can be redeemed only after the results. This information can be obtained by providing relevant details for establishing contacts such as email or phone numbers.
  • Device: A laptop or a computer will be essentially required for completing the survey and in time before the period for the survey is exhausted. Any compatible browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and UC to state a few can be accessed to complete this survey.
  • Website: Amongst all other relevant websites for entering the survey, the most reliable is Through its portal, participants can gather details regarding the survey and also participate in it. The entire site is operated on the English language. Most of the instructions are in English that must be read thoroughly.
  • Language: A thorough grasp of the English language is essential to understand the instructions and methods involved with the survey as there are no alternative services offered by the company.
  • Questions: The survey questions generally involve questions regarding overall customer satisfaction. These questions are about the overall satisfaction with Peet’s coffee, quality and quantity of items purchased, the friendliness of staff, the speed of service, the food qualities, and cleanliness to state a few.

On understanding these steps and following them incredulously a good grip over the survey procedures can be obtained and met easily through these methodical procedures. However, it is very essential to prepare oneself with the requirements for the survey beforehand.

The Customer Support Services of Peet’s Coffee:

Peet’s Coffee welcomes all the doubts of the customers regarding the availability of products and also the services provided by the staff. All questions regarding the Peetslistens survey will be answered generously with proper supervision. The many ways that Peet’s chooses to respond to its customers are:

  • By email: An email can be sent to relevant email id designated for the company’s customer services with a keen explanation of the problems faced and the solutions required on the same. It’s a click and contact procedure which is most efficient in today’s world.
  • By Phone: Peet’s customer care services can be contacted at (800) 999-2132. This helpline number is available from Monday to Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The clients here are extremely active and resilient and have a keen understanding of the services and the products that they are promoting with the people.
  • Through social media: Many social media platforms are available for Peet’s Coffee such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. These platforms make it easier for customers to understand the type of services provided by the company through interactive video sessions and links.

These customer service experts reflect the genuine efforts of the company to bring the coffee and its consumers together in a platform where they can discuss their overall influence in the market. Furthermore, the customer survey has made it easier for the people to interact directly with the company and deliver their needs and expectations that can be further met with time. Join the Peet’s Coffee survey to win exciting gift cards and use the best of their services.

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