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Kroger is witnessed as the American retailing company by the Founder, Bernerd Kroger in 1883, in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a matter of fact, Kroger revenue is the largest supermarket chain in the United States. It has the second largest position in general retailer as the 17th largest company in the United States of America. Formally, to know more about the complaints, needs, requirements, and grievances of the customers, the company Kroger discovered the platform of online customer survey with the customer satisfaction stage at

In this platform, regular shoppers or customers dealing with pitching offers from Kroger develop the priceless feedback after experiencing the best from the store for shopping for which they get free 50 fuel points or even the gift cards that are worth $100 or $5000 and 50 fuel pt. bonuses. Here the customers are required to do nothing apart from filling the survey effectively. Thus, the participants in the KrogerFeedback Survey are automatically registered subsequently as the customers for lucky draws in order to win certain fuel points, food cards, gift cards and much more.

Brief Information About KrogerFeedback Survey:

KrogerFeedback is known as the online survey for customer satisfaction proposed by Kroger as an attempt to deal with the amendment and enhanced services or facilities of its offers. Thus, eventually by the participation in the KrogerFeedback Survey, customers are automatically shouldered towards the initiation in the contest held on the monthly basis by Kroger that allows a chance for the customers to win exciting grand prizes of $5000. Furthermore, some lucky winners also get the opportunity to seek the Kroger $100 Gift Card or Fuel Points and many other perks included. Also, Kroger feedbacks involve hornet opinions by the customers in terms of likes and dislike for the products in the store.

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Requirements for KrogerFeedback Online Customer Survey:

  • The survey demands an online availability with considerable requirements of Laptop, Smartphone or PC with an active internet connection for the participation in the online survey.
  • The questions are available either in English or Spanish language, thus the customers need to know any out of these languages, specifically to participate in the survey.
  • KrogerFeedback Online Customer Survey further, demands a minimum age requirement of 18 years for participation.
  • The survey has a limitation of seven days to participate after the customers have purchased something from the store.
  • The survey lasts for 15-20 minutes of the complete procedures, thus, the customers need to take out a specific amount of time for participation in the survey.
  • People living in Florida and New York are not eligible to participate in the survey, however, the rest whole of citizens of the United States of America are eligible to participate in the survey effectively.
  • You can only use this Feedback Oppurtunity once in a Week, If you are trying to submit feedback 2 times in a week its not allowed. So Try to make use of most while submiting survey first time only.

Steps to join Online Customer Survey:

  1. If a customer faces certain problems regarding the accomplishment of the online survey, here are the simple steps to follow through for effective completion and fulfillment of the only feedback customer survey.
  2. Open from any browser with the help of Smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.
  3. Submit the date, time and the details of when you visited the store. Also, the customers are required to submit the Entry ID present on the purchase receipt that they got from the store, with the survey details.
  4. By clicking on Start, the next step follows the series of questions as a part of the survey feedback that the customers can reply honestly. Answering all the questions mentioned in the survey is compulsory.
  5. After the customer has answered all the questions from the survey, the last step requires the contact details of the customer with loyalty card details for the subsequent procedures to participate in the Sweepstakes.
  6. Finally, the customers need to submit the survey where one will receive 50 Kroger fuel points.

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Kroger Fuel Points:

Kroger Store proposes two types of fuel points that are Kroger 50 fuel points or Kroger feedback gas points and Kroger bonus fuel. Moreover, giving free fuel points is not the main purpose of the Kroger platform. The main aim to develop such a survey platform and giving away fuel points is to get honest feedback from the customers for their services and improve it wisely and efficiently. This is thus formulated to maintain their high rank in the market while knowing the exact requirements of the customers.

Questions stated in the survey:

  1. The question initiated in the survey starts with the details like the Department of purchase from Kroger, of the customer.
  2. Furthermore, the survey demands the ratings for the overall experience of the customer. The store can be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest rating.
  3. Kroger Survey platform further allows questions involving the prices and other customer services catered by the employees.
  4. Cleanliness and hygiene are also questioned in the survey. This involves the quality of the products and the billing teams’ response to the situations brought by customers.
  5. All such situations involving products, store, staff, and environment are looked after by Kroger in its survey. The customers are required to rate the scenarios honestly.
  6. Automatically, after the survey is completed successfully, the customers enter the page or sweepstakes. It offers them 50 Kroger Fuel Points from the company itself.

NOTE: The Points & Coupon you obtained is only for Personal USE, you cannot sell them for others. If we find  miss use of coupon, we will deactivate both your account & Uniqure provided for you.

Be aware of Fake Survey!

There are certain possibilities for the customers to reflect their details to a fake survey page from other websites. Thus, KrogerFeedback Survey makes sure to provide relevant details and security and privacy for their customers to have clear feedback and support from customers for their betterment of stores and efficiencies. As a matter of fact, customers should know that Gregor never posts its surveys on Facebook Feeds; it is only available on the official website itself. There is no pop-up page of Kroger for any browsers.

Kroger working hours are formulated from Sunday to Saturday from 6 AM to Midnight across the country. Moreover, customer care services are always available for their customers at Kroger to provide the best experience, professional and dedicated manner of the company.

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