RedlobsterSurvey – Take Official Red Lobster Survey & Win $1000 Cash

RedLobstersurvey is a survey strategy employed by the Red Lobster restaurant. This survey aids in analyzing the general opinion of guests. It is analysed so as to take important future decisions. It helps the restaurant to improve its services by eliminating the negative and enhancing the positive things.

The diners participation is thus, very crucial for a better performance of the restaurant. As a reward for the participating customers, the restaurant provides the opportunity to participate in the sweepstakes. The monetary reward for the sweepstake is a whooping 1000$, making it an opportunity not to be missed.

The Red Lobster Restaurant:

The Red Lobster Restaurant is one of the most prominent restaurants serving seafood items. The Red Lobster Restaurant which is owned by Darden Restaurant Inc. is a well-known restaurant chain serving in around 600 locations. Spread not only across the United States but in Japan and Canada too, Red Lobster is well known for its delicious and diverse menu. For Red Lobster not only serves seafood but also a variety of other fast food dishes along with steak and chicken. Red Lobster always feels the need to improve, hence the survey. This survey was designed with the purpose to use it as a tool to improve the service and quality of the restaurant. It helps the restaurant identify and remove the issues of the customers.

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Requirements & Steps to participate in Redlobstersurvey:

Every diner and customer of Red Lobster has an equal chance of taking part and winning the RedLobster Sweepstakes. As this Survey is for the RedLobster diners, all they need to participate in the Red Lobster receipt. Lucky winners are rewarded with gift cards up to 50$. But the main attraction of this sweepstake is the grand prize of 1000$.

All one needs to do is use the receipt of the restaurant to enter the survey. As the receipt holds a unique ID, it is a must to enter into the survey. There are some rules and guidelines to check out if one decides to enter the survey. For the benefit of readers the necessities and regulations are explained below:

  • Requirements for survey: The only requirement for participation in the survey is the receipt of the purchase done at the Red Lobster Restaurant. The participant must have purchased something from the restaurant. Also, the receipt should not be expired, i.e. more than seven days old. After seven days, the ID on the receipt becomes void. Customers are willing to participate need to visit the Red Lobster Restaurant website and enter the survey using the ID.
  • Participants of the survey: Another rule for participation is that no customer who wants to participate in the survey should be below 18 years in age. The participants must be legal residents of the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. Red Lobster prohibits its employees from participating and anyone who has a relationship with the staff members are also not allowed as well.
  • Mode of Entry: To enter into the survey, there are two ways. One is through the receipt. For the participation in the sweepstake, a purchase is required and since you need the ID number, the receipt as well.
  • After completing the survey by answering the questions the participants need to fill the form for sweepstakes. This form needs the name, address, phone number and email address of the participants. The home address should be inclusive of the city/province along with the postal code.

In case you have misplaced the receipt, there is another way to enter the survey. Entry through the mail is also an option provided by the restaurant. Participants simply need to handprint their details- name, birth date, telephone number and mailing address. They can start by writing the details on a post-card. Using an envelope of business-size, they can send the entry to the restaurant’s mailing address.

  • Reward: Along with the grand prize winner of 1000$, there are another 100 winners who will receive 50$ from the Red Lobster. Each entry into the sweepstake has the same chance of winning the prize whether mail-in or online entry. To have the odds in favour though, participants have to send out more sweepstakes entries.
  • Winners: The grand prize is limited to one person. It is not shared nor transferred. Winner of the sweepstakes contest get notified by the phone number or email provided during entry. In case the winner fails to respond, the prize will be given to the alternative winner and so on, thus, making winners responsible for prize and taxes as well. The prize amount is rewarded through cheques.

The website offers guidelines which are simple enough to follow and enter into the contest. Participants just need to fill their details and then answer the survey questions carefully. The website offers language options too, in case English is not the first language of the participants.

Also, there is a customer service provided by the restaurant which can be reached by the phone by dialing 1 800 562 7837. All the calls are recorded for future purposes and are sure of a fast and satisfying response.

Also, you can fill down an online feedback form and send it to the Red Lobster or you can visit the social media handle of the restaurant.

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