Tellhappystar Survey – Win Gift Cards & Discount Meals

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. is one of the renowned and popular fast food chains in America that is known for serving some of the delicious and mouth-watering dishes. Hardee’s Food System Inc conducts an online survey for its esteemed customers to better know them and their experiences in the fast food chain during their last visit and in turn, get the chance to win $1000 gift card.

So, if you have recently visited the fast food chain for dining and have a valid receipt with you, then you can take part in the online survey and complete it to win gift cards and prize money. All you need to do is to visit the official site of the fast food chain and take its online survey via tellhappystar site.

What is Tellhappystar Site?

It is the customer satisfaction survey conducted by the fast food chain. Tellhappystar is the online official survey site where you need to take up the survey and complete it successfully to win the gift cards and prize money. In the customer satisfaction survey, you are required to answer a few of the questions regarding your last visit to the restaurant and provide some information about the quality of the dishes served in the restaurant. This is all you have to do to earn the prize money or gift card worth $1000. All these answers and information are collected from a wide range of customers and they use it to make modifications and improvements in their service quality.

So, the online survey tellhappystar is very crucial both for the customer’s perspective and organization. The fast food chain can easily trace its growth by checking the feedback from the customers. While the customers can get the opportunity to express their comments and opinions freely about the restaurants and in turn get a chance to win gift cards and discount deals for their next visit. So, take part in the online survey and win free meals or gift cards worth $1000 by completing the survey questionnaire.

How to Participate in tellhappystar Survey?

Participating in the online survey tellhappystar is not rocket science. It hardly takes a few minutes to participate and complete a survey to win gift cards and prizes. You are required to follow a few simple steps to take the survey and complete it in a few minutes’ time. By taking the online survey you are actually helping the company to develop and grow by giving them valuable feedback and opinions about their service quality.

The feedbacks and opinions offered by the customers help the organization to improve its service quality and products so as to have a higher number of satisfied customers. Below is the step by step guide to participate and complete the survey at tellhappystar.

  • Go to the official website of Hardee’s Food Chain System and from its website you need to browse the survey site tellhappystar.
  • On the homepage of the survey site you will find a window asking you about the date, time and receipt code. These details are available on receipt that you have got from your last visit to the restaurant. So, you have to enter these details on the required spaces and click on the submit button. The receipt that you get is the only gateway to the survey and without a valid receipt you can’t enter and take up the survey online.
  • Now you have to choose the desired language in which you want to take up the survey. Tellhappystar survey site supports multiple languages including Spanish and English language is the primary and default language. So, based on your preferences you need to make the selection of the language.
  • Now the questionnaire will start and this is where the survey starts. You have to give ratings of the service quality and quality of the dishes that are being served in the restaurant. Apart from this, you will be asked about the behaviour of the staff in the restaurant and overall services that you have experienced. You have to give ratings starting from zero to 10.

After completing the questionnaire you will be asked to provide your personal details like phone number, name, mailing address and more. So, that they can notify you if you are selected as the winner of the gift card or discount meal deals.

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