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Whataburger is a well renowned fast food chain based in the USA. It has been serving hamburgers for the past 69 years and has its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Currently, it has about 805 stores in various locations accommodating around 40,000 employees. It should be noted the Whataburger and What-a-burger are two different ventures and are often confused as the same. Whataburger emphasis a lot on their customer’s satisfaction and hence, it is one of the key elements for their outrageous success. There are various due to which a survey is conducted, but before getting into that let us closely analyze what an ideal survey should be like.

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Brief Information About Whataburger Survey:

A survey can be defined as close research regarding a particular product or topic by asking related questions to the targeted audience. In other words, it’s done to gain feedback from the users of any product directly. Currently, it is one of the best methods to conduct market research. There are multiple ways to carry out a survey. It should be chosen according to the nature of the product and the audience.

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While designing the survey following points should be kept in mind:

  1. Only necessary questions should be asked.
  2. Make sure the questions are understandable.
  3. It should be short as well as simple.
  4. Narrow down the audience. Remember that only the targeted audience should be the main focus.
  5. Make sure the survey is reliable and useful.
  6. Proper medium to conduct the survey should be selected. There are various methods to conduct the survey, for example, an online survey, personal survey.

Online surveys are highly in trend right now. They are the most convenient and hassle-free technique to carry out the survey in respect of both the parties Viz; the public and the person conducting the survey.

Whataburger Survey: Public Opinion

Like every other public-serving corporation that offers goods and services to the people, Whataburger too conducts a survey in order to understand the market, people and their taste. Survey technique of market research is highly important in today’s cut-throat competition. A producer needs to be 100% aware of the changes occurring in the customer world.

This article provides you with all the needed information regarding the Whataburger Survey. Whataburger conducts the survey to know the feedback of customers regarding the food and drinks offered, the customer service by the employees, the changes needed to be made, etc.

Objectives in Detail:

  1. To obtain the feedback from the customer regarding the food quality.
  2. To obtain the opinion about the prices. Whether the prices were reasonable enough or not.
  3. To obtain the opinion about the customer services provided by the store employees.
  4. To know that the expectations of the customers have been met and fulfilled.
  5. To know about the restaurant from the customer point of view and ask if any changes should be made.
  6. It also helps the owners to know the separate performance of each branch. If a certain branch is not performing well as compared to the other, necessary steps can be taken for improvement.
  7. To know the opinion regarding ambiance.

Steps to Take Whataburger Survey:

In order to participate in a Whataburger Survey, the following requirements shall be met:-

  1. The customer must hold a valid receipt of a recent visit.
  2. The age limit decided in order to participate in the survey is 16 years. Every person who is above 16 can take part in it.
  3. Only the legal resident of the United States can be a part of this survey.
  4. The employees, their relatives or any other related person cannot be a part of this survey.
  5. A single receipt can be used only once to participate in the survey.
  6. You have to use that receipt to participate in the survey within a definite time limit set by Whataburger. Start your survey on official site whataburgervisit.com.
  7. After the completion of the survey, you will be given a gift card that can be used during your visit to Whataburger.

List of Questions in Whataburger Survey:

  1. The performance of the employee.
  2. Prices of the food.
  3. Quality of the food.
  4. If the desired product was available or not.
  5. How many times you visit the restaurant in a given time period.
  6. The ambiance of the restaurant.
  7. Taste of the food.
  8. Your overall experience.
  9. Any other queries, suggestions, complaints about the restaurant.

Requirements to fill out the Survey:

  1. An electronic medium. It should be noted that Whataburger survey is completely online and can be filled there only. Laptops, mobile phones, PC’s can use to complete the task.
  2. Whataburger’s valid bill receipt.

Miscellaneous Information

The survey is available for the customers on the official survey website of Whataburger, Whataburgersurvey.com. Only the customers who have been to Whataburger before having access and permission to fill this out. Moreover, the bill receipt provided can be used only once. You cannot fill the multiple surveys with one receipt.

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