Albertsons Survey – Take Official & Win $100

Grocery shopping is an integral part of every household. From families to bachelors, everyone goes grocery shopping at least once a month. And what can be a better store than Albertsons for meeting your kitchen and home needs! And if you are a regular visitor of Albertsons, then you must fill in the feedback survey. There are more perks of fulfilling the customer satisfaction survey than what meets the eye. Not only does it help to improve customer experience but it also adds a variety of products for a greater shopping experience.

Through this survey form, you have to fill your shopping details and help the store in improving the products and services. As for what’s in it for you, Albertsons invites you to sweepstakes, and the prize is oh-so-sweet! A whopping Albertsons Gift Card worth $1000. Don’t we all want to earn some free money? And all you have to do is just fill out a simple feedback survey form. This can help you win up to $1000 and has proved to be very beneficial! This is now a living dream only at Albertsons stores.

The Steady Growth Of The Albertsons Stores:

If you have recently purchased something from Albertsons, then you need to check your receipt now! In the receipt, you will find the survey invitation which is valid for a limited duration. It is a basic survey that will ask you questions regarding your experience at their store and for your suggestions to improve their services and products. First off, you need to answer a simple question regarding the quality of your shopping experience! Next up, you get a chance to enter the Albertsons Sweepstakes. The winner of the sweepstakes will get a gift card worth $1000. Read on along to know more about it.

Albertsons is a privately owned grocery company, with its headquarters in Idaho, US. It is owned privately by investors, one of them is the Cerberus Capital Management. Ever since its inception, Albertsons has risen to become one of the most prominent grocery stores across the US. It has over 2200 outlets and is a stable source of employment for over 250,000 families. It is the second-largest supermarket chain in the US.

Steps to Enter the Albertsons Survey:

Here is a brief guideline to enroll yourself in the hottest survey-

  • Visit the official website of Albertsons- you can look for the store online and visit the official website. Do not worry about visiting a fake website as the real one displays two sample receipt formats.
  • Select your receipt sample- there are two kinds of receipts. One has a code, and the other has transaction related details.
  • Enter the details- type the Cashier number, Date, Time, Transaction number, and Store Number printed on your receipt and fill-up the form.
  • Fill in your valid e-mail address- it is necessary to fill your e-mail address to continue with the survey since everything will be communicated to you via mail.
  • Answer all the survey questions- answer all the questions honestly and diligently. Your answers are detrimental to your winning.
  • Submit a Sweepstakes entry and win $100- after filling out the survey, you get an invitation to the sweepstakes competition. You can either accept or decline it.

Rules of the Albertsons Survey:

Before entering into the amazing competition, you should check out the rules and regulations of this online survey that have been listed below-

  • Participation Eligibility– this offer is only available for residents of particular states that include Arizona, Idaho, Florida, North Dakota, Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Arkansas, and Oregon. The minimum age for eligibility is 18. Employees and sponsors of the sweepstakes are also not eligible for this.
  • Entry Methods– There are three methods for entering the survey. You can choose between online and offline sweepstakes competition.
  • Online sweepstakes
  • Promotional sweepstakes
  • Offline sweepstakes

The procedure for each of these entries is different and can be looked up online.

  • Albertsons Sweepstakes Prize– it is a monthly draw, where ten customers are selected as the winner of the draw. Some conditions that need to be followed are-
  • The prize money is not transferrable.
  • The prize is given as a gift card and cannot be redeemed for money. The gift card can be used only at Albertsons. You can purchase anything with it.
  • The prize money is liable for tax payment.
  • The winner shall be notified within a week of drawing.
  • The winner needs to sign and return the legal documents of eligibility and liability release

How To Find Albertsons Store Near You?

If after reading this article you still haven’t decided to visit an Albertsons store, then we can ease it out further by helping you find the nearest store. You can either use the feature of Albertsons Store Locator on the official website and allowing permission to access your location. You can also loom for this feature on their app and enable location services. Another alternative is to search for it on your web browser. To get more details, you can contact the stores on their contact details either rover phone or e-mail. If you have made a recent purchase at Albertsons, then go and look for your bill to enter this contest ASAP. And if you are very intrigued by testing your luck, then you can visit any of the outlets and buy something. Happy hunting!

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