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Who doesn’t love a free meal at the restaurant? Whether you are a new customer or frequent visitor, it is good to gorge on some free meals at one point or the other. But how are these meals available at the restaurant? Well, if one visits Checkers Restaurant, then probably one must have heard of the free meal that is served there, every time a survey is taken. There are both snack options as well as lunches available at the store and one can avail it through several means. Therefore, in order to know more about the GuestObsessed board, then let’s see through some valuable information about it.

What is the GuestObsessed?

Checkers is considered to be one of the biggest drives through restaurant outlets serving the citizens in the United States. Whenever you are hungry on the road and spot a drive through the outlet, Checkers might be the one who is ordering from. This store happens to supply fresh quality food every day and the menu is vast enough to give each and every customer their own customized choices. No one can refuse any items from Checkers, as the food is completely fresh and totally worth it. But how can one get free food at checkers?

It is by submitting the checker’s survey form online that one can get a free meal the next time you order your favorite meal. This survey can be taken by all and the free meal is common to all age groups, especially children. There are mostly two ways in which one can get the free meal and it through the survey along with signing up as well. Therefore, Freebies coupons can be collected and used as per the guidelines available. There is a free menu sample as well and one can see to the food options that are available on the menu and choose the one that is most desired. Therefore, with the use of the freebies coupon, one doesn’t have to pay for the meal at Checkers!

Grab free food with the help of the Survey form:

In order to get in touch with Checkers free food, like the Sandwich and even French fries, one must complete the survey first. This survey has to be taken online and not at the store. Therefore, in order to get free food, the following steps must be followed:

  • In order to start with the survey, one must visit the official store of checkers.
  • Since there are various store locations available, one must then insert the store number from which the food is packed.
  • Once the number is entered, it is essential to enter the date on which the food was purchased. The date of the transaction has to be exact or else the system might show errors.
  • Also, mention the visit type and the time as well.
  • Once the time details have been entered which is printed in the food receipt obtained, one would be directed towards the survey window where the survey form has several questions. All of the questions must be answered truthfully in order to avail of the freebies coupon.
  • Once all the answers to the questions are given, one can add in several comments as well so that the restaurant can serve better to the customers.
  • Once done, one can submit the completed survey form online itself by clicking on the submit button.
  • On completion, the freebies coupon code is directed to one’s mail account or to the phone number given.

It must be ensured on part of the customers that the survey must be done truthfully and without accusing the store of anything that hasn’t been committed. The questions in the form are pretty simple and one can answer them by taking a successful time at hand. Even the comments that are added must make sense too. Unnecessary details are not likely entertained by the store and therefore, one must be careful about it.

Important things one must have in order to open the survey form:

The survey form for checkers can be opened only if the following things are present:

The printed receipt:

In order to start with the survey, one must surely have the receipt or else the survey cannot be initiated. The receipt has all the basic information printed in order to take the survey forward.

The location code:

The second most important thing is the local code that is printed on top of each Checkers receipt. Upon entering the code on the survey window, the location of the store is shown on the screen.

The date and time of visit:

In addition to the location code, the date and time of purchasing the food receipt must be inserted so as to continue with the survey questions.

What are the benefits of having the freebies coupon?

The freebies coupon collected at the end of the survey can be used to purchase any item from the free menu at Checkers. Every coupon has validity so make sure you use it before it expires.

How likely is the survey important for Checkers?

It is with the help of the survey that a successful relationship of the store with the customers is being built. Plus, the store reputation always lies in the hands of the customers through this survey. Therefore, some of the important features that are associated with the survey are as follows:

  • It aims for complete customer satisfaction.
  • The customers are able to build complete trust in the restaurant.
  • The improvement of the store is also counted.
  • One can get in touch with wide menu options too.

The final take on the Checkers Survey:

With the help of the Checker’s Survey form, the store initiates a way of attracting customers and also trying to win their interests through the freebies coupons. Therefore, for better storage options as well the survey form creates perfect sales scenarios as more and more individuals take up the survey for receiving free meals on the go!

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