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When it comes to a stronger competition to the fast-food chains like McD or burger king; Jack in the box of San Diego, California origin is the one to be counted. Jack in the box is a fast-food chain with approximately 2200 restaurants throughout the 21 states of the United States of America, and also after owning the Qdoba Mexican restaurant group, they have around 600 Qdoba restaurants across the states of Canada and America. Just like any restaurant chain, Jack in the box also puts their majority of focus on meeting the demands of the public and to make sure that the customers are getting what they want and how they want.

They take help from the JackListens customer survey, to learn about the customer’s preferences, expectations, the food they like and the ones they don’t, etc. so that the data can be analyzed for further betterment of the business strategy. This survey also acts as a great communication means between the fast-food chain and the customers as the customers get a good chance to let the company about how they feel about the food and services provided.

JackListens Survey: Rules & Requirements

Every survey has a set of rules that are to follow while filling the form up to avoid any kind of confusion on both sides. The rules that are to be followed are:

1. Participants

For participating in this survey one should be a customer at the Jack in the box and also they should be a citizen of the United States of America. Also, there is a minimum age bar for the participants which is at thirteen years. Other than that, it is also mentioned that if one works at Jack in the box then they are not allowed to take part n the survey.

2. Requirements

One should have form-filling tools ready like a computer and working internet connection as the survey is an online form. For participating in the survey, one should have a purchase slip of the Jack in the box which is usually valid for three days and the slip should have a survey invitation number code which is to be entered while filling the form.

3. Reward

Any kind of survey and effort should not go in waste for the customers as they are spending their precious time on this. This is the reason the Jack in the box provides the survey takers with a special validation number code which when presented at the restaurant one can get 2 free tacos.

Tips to Take JackListens Survey:

The process of taking up the JackListens survey is not that difficult as the process is similar to most of the survey filling. One can easily fill the form and submit it which will not only help the business of Jack in the box but will also avail one with the opportunity to get free tacos. For all those who do not have any kind experience regarding the form filling, the following steps will guide one through the procedure like a breeze.

1. Survey portal

First one needs to visit the JackListens official page and this can be done by using a search engine. One will have to enter the survey address, in the address bar and click search. One will be directed to the survey website where one can select the language between Spanish and English. After this one will have to also go through the privacy policies regarding the survey.

2. Survey code

The next step is to find the order slip of the Jack in the box and find the invitation code for the survey on it. it is usually printed in the middle of the payment slip of the Jack in the box and it is a 14-digit long number code which one will have to enter into the survey code field available on the starting page.

3. Details of visitation

Now, one will have to provide with the visitation details like the date of the visit by choosing the exact date and month and also one will have to choose the exact timing of the visit. All these details will be found on the order slip of the restaurant and along with the type of order like whether it was drive-thru, dine-in, carry out, etc.

4. Location of the restaurant

The next step is to verify the location of the restaurant which one has visited by clicking yes or no on the screen. As soon as one will enter the verification code a certain location will be shown and one will have to validate the restaurant location.

5. Questionnaire

After all the detailing, one will have to fill the questionnaire which will have a certain number of questions related to one’s last visit, the satisfaction level, food type, etc. one should make it a point, to be honest with one’s answers to make the process fruitful.

6. Validation code

After the questionnaire is filled, it is time to get rewarded for ones efforts to fill the survey successfully. As soon as the survey will be submitted one will get a validation code on their screens. One should note down the code on the invitation and present it to the person taking orders in Jack in the Box restaurant to get two free tacos.

Questions asked in the JackListens Survey:

Entire survey form is designed in a very simplistic manner so that one can easily understand the question and answer them. Some of the questions that are asked are related to.

  1. Location of the restaurant
  2. When one has visited the restaurant along with the timing and day?
  3. What was the dining style?
  4. Questions regarding one’s order and if there was any problem with the menu.
  5. About the satisfaction level of the order and the dining experience
  6. Whether one will come back or not.
  7. Suggestive points
  8. Where one visit other than Jack in the box?
  9. How often a one visit Jack in the box outlet?

Customer Care Service:

One can easily visit the Jackinthebox.com to learn more about the restaurant, their outlets, their menu and the offers they give. Also one can give suggestions and feedback regarding one’s experience. also one can learn about various career opportunities from the official website. if one wants to give some extra feedback or has any query then there are three ways to contact the customer service:

  1. Letter: one can write a letter to Jack in the box company which can be posted at the address of Jack in the box inc. attn. guest relations at 9330 Balboa Avenue, San Diego 92123 1516.
  2. Phone: one can call the customer service at 1858 522 4716 between the timings of 7 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday.
  3. Website: one can contact the company with the help of the contact form available at the website.


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