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Ever been to the Holland Barrett Store? Once you visit the store in the United Kingdom, you always need to save the proof of their payment. If you are a resident of the United Kingdom you, perhaps have heard of the brand name. If you are health conscious, you are going to appreciate them selling healthy food and medicine. Consuming what is good for your health and paying attention to what kind of food you are eating may result in a longer life span as well.

Having a healthy body is quite desirable for almost everyone. As you may know that the term healthy, is defined as the peaceful and stable state of body and mind. Even if when you are ill you need to have proper quality medicine which may help you to get cured. By visiting Holland and Barrett Store, you can buy all the necessary items and also avail their options for the delivery system. You will also be able to earn Rewards that are available for their customers. You can also access the MyHBvisit survey portal and take part in the survey to get rewards. MyHBvisit portal is the survey portal of Holland and Barrett. By accessing this website, you can give feedback regarding your visit to the Holland and Barrett store. By performing this survey, you can help the store and its staff to know whether they have met your expectations or need rectifications.

A Brief Information About MyHBvisit:

The requirements that you will need to take part in this survey is just that you will have to visit the Holland and Barrett store and shop and then you can easily give the review as well as take part in the survey. If you are acquainted with the store, it is wonderful, but keeping in mind that many of you may haven’t visited the Holland and Barrett store yet, for them further in this article you are going to get some description about the store and the survey process too.

Since 1870, Holland and Barrett store has been in the occupation of providing service to its customers. There are two important personnel in the Holland and Barrett store, namely Alfred Slapps Barrett and Major William Holland. In the beginning, they first opened a shop called the Bishop’s Stortford. The first location for opening this store is in Nuneaton situated in England. Then as the year passed, the business expanded too and currently, they are serving in almost 1,300 stores, and you will be able to find their products in 16 different countries.

What is special in the Holland and Barrett store?

Well, talking about specialty, they specialize in selling products keeping in mind the health of their customers. If you want to shop in Holland and Barrett store, you can check their products through various methods available like you can visit their shop physically or you can also visit their website and shop online. While you are checking their online website, you will be able to see theta you can all health-related products from body care to vitamins and food supplements and others, in the Holland and Barrett store. To be specific about the shop, some products which are available in their shop are mentioned below:

  • You will be able to buy vitamins and food supplements for yourself.
  • You can also buy health drinks and healthy foods.
  • If you are into sports, visiting the Holland and Barrett store will be quite beneficial for you.
  • If you crave beauty products, you can get safe and natural beauty products in the store.
  • Do you weigh heavier than you should? Well, Holland and Barrett store have food supplements and medicines and other supporting products that will help you in reducing weight.

Now those who haven’t visited the store must have been acquainted with some of their products. For buying a product for any specific health-related problem of yours, all you have to do is that give the staffs 10 minutes to consult. They will recommend you a product, and if you finally decide to buy, you will be at liberty to choose from the packages available. Hence, you are now eligible for the survey of MyHBvisit portal.

Sweepstakes Program: Participant Regulations at MyHBvisit

Every store wants to expand its business. Similarly, in the case of Holland and Barrett store, they have created this online survey portal through which customers take part in the survey and share their experience of shopping at Holland and Barrett store. By participating in this survey, the customers get to share their experience as well as earn rewards from the Holland and Barrett store. But before you take part, there are some rules and regulation for doing surveys and sweepstakes.

  • If you want to take part in the survey, you must be at least 16 years of age because customers should make their decisions and form their own opinions about the service provided ensuring that no decision is being imposed on him or her.
  • You must be a resident of the United Kingdom; otherwise, you will not be eligible for the survey program.
  • If you take part in the sweepstakes survey, then you will have the chance to win £250. You will not be allowed to exchange this gift for cash or kind because this gift will be rewarded to you in the form of a voucher.
  • For entering Sweepstakes, you will have to enter through MyHBVisit portal.
  • The result of the lucky draw among the total people participating will be announced within four weeks.
  • If you win the lottery, the Holland and Barrett store will contact you either over a phone call or via email. In case they are unable to reach you, another winner will be determined.

The sweepstakes periods are there in which the lottery is done, and even if you are not the winner, you will still get a reward in the form of a coupon which will save your shopping money. For any further information, you may refer to the website which will help you to get some more idea regarding the Sweepstakes and Holland and Barrett store.

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