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If you come from Mexico or any part of the neighboring states, without a doubt you would know what a burrito is. A burrito is traditional Mexican delicacy in which delicious vegetables and non-vegetarian items are wrapped inside a soft and tasty tortilla. It can be seasoned with a number of different ingredients and is therefore served hot in different flavors. It is extremely on the go, kind of a portable food delight and hence very suitable to be eaten during a busy routine.

Chipotle is a world-famous food chain which specializes in Mexican cuisine and is highly talked of when it comes to delicious burritos. They have an interactive menu that offers a number of different flavors and variety of burritos. You can enjoy one whenever you want to. However, in addition to providing delicious and spicy snacks and treats, the brand also makes sure that their consumers are getting what they want.

Benefits of ChipotleFeedback Survey:

And therefore, it runs an open portal where the consumers can mention their wishes or changes they want in the menu. You can also share your food experience and review what you enjoyed eating and give your feedback. This chipotle exclusive public review portal is known as Chipotlefeedback where the company runs its surveys and asks relevant questions.

If you are interested, you can join in and become part of the surveys they conduct. Interestingly, you can also win prizes and gift hampers through the lucky draw system. But first, it is important to learn more about the amazing services provided by the leading burrito brand, Chipotle, and their survey system.

Basic rules of the Chipotle feedback system:

If you want to be a part of the surveys conducted by chipotle on their review portal, then you must comprehend all the aspects of it well and beforehand. It is always better to respect the policies of any consumer service and comply with the rules.

The company has clearly defined set of rules and regulations which one must abide by if he wants to be a part of the food survey held by the company, which can be understood as mentioned below:

  1. Age criteria: The Company follows the rules of the state to maintain justice. The company has set the minimum age to be 18 to be part of most of their surveys, however; the rules may differ for one survey to another. Nonetheless, to be a part of this for review survey you must be the age of 13 or above. In this way, the company gives a larger number of populations to share their thoughts and reviews.
  2. Proper citizenship: There might be a chipotle outlet in your country or state however, not everyone is permitted to give their reviews on the portal. You must be a citizen of the United States of America. If that is not the case then you will not be allowed to participate in the survey and will not b enlisted for the lucky draw.
  3. Chipotle employments: You must not be a member of the chipotle company. The employees are not allowed to give reviews or be a part of the lottery.
  4. Chipotle reward rules: There are certain rules constructed around the rewarding system for the lottery prizes. They can be mentioned as given below:

  • The winner is selected 5 times per week, not more than that.
  • The prizes distributed to the winners cannot be exchanged or replaced with cash.
  • The prizes are delivered to the winner within 8 weeks of time.
  • If you win, you will receive an email, if you do not respond to the email within 3 day says then the prize will be given to another potential winner.
  • The winner will have to pay the prize tax,
  • The company offers 65 different types of prizes. You can also get 52 free burritos for the entire year. Other than that, gifts are given in the form of cash or gift cards.
  • If you fall under certain age criteria, then the prize will be presented to your parents.

Basic requirements for giving your ChipotleFeedback survey:

  1. Online device: In order to give your review, you must possess an efficient and quick internet connection as well as an online device. A laptop or personal computer is more preferable for a better understanding of all your options. Make sure your device receives the proper signal to reach the website.
  2. Understanding of English: Make sure you are well versed in the English language so that you can communicate your thoughts effectively to avoid confusions and misunderstandings.
  3. Chipotle official receipt: After eating your favorite snack at the restaurant, you must keep the transaction receipt and use the 20 digits legitimate survey code in order to enter the lottery contest and give your review. There is no expiration date of the receipt so you can use it long after making the transaction.

How to complete the chipotle ChipotleFeedback Survey:

In order to become a part of the review you must follow the given steps:

  • Access page: Access the survey page of the company with an online connection. You can easily search for it online.
  • Set language: Set your preferred language. You can choose between Spanish and English to communicate your thoughts conveniently.
  • Receipt code: After setting the language, you are supposed to enter your unique 20 digit code from your transaction receipt. In case you lose your receipt, you can click on the alternate option. In this case, you will have to enter the location, time and date of when you made the transaction.
  • Finish your survey: This is the last step where you can review and share your food experience. You will have to rate or score the food on a scale of 1 to 5. You will also be asked a few other following questions and you can also give your recommendations. Lastly, you can sign up for your monthly lottery participation.

You can contact Chipotle through their customer service numbers or social media platforms and ask questions. You can also send them letters at their postal address.

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