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Pizza is by far the most popular fast food across the globe. Rather than indulging in the debate about which country owns the credit for giving the world this exquisite food item, we should enjoy the variety it comes with. Although most fast food outlets around the world serve pizza, there are certain types of Pizza that surely deserve a spot on your menu if you’re planning to open a fast-food outlet owing to their tradition.

These various pizza types get their taste from a variety of cuisine cultures and are the most popular among different permutations of the food that are found on this planet and belong to the pages of history. These range from the Americas to the arguable birthplace of Pizza, Italy and are among the most loved Pizza variations.

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Different Types Of Pizza & Their Origin:

For those who can’t stand Pineapple on Pizza, well, there is little doubt that Pizza tastes best in its classical. Having said that, the best pizzas found around the world are often the result of some crazy experimentation in history. Hence, the list that follows contains the classic pizza types and their origination story. The stories behind their origination are as intriguing as their taste and are a testimony to how need and want give shape to discoveries. From the needs of sailors to suit the taste buds of a Queen, the different Pizza types owe their origination to the most regular of human needs and nature.

1. Margherita Pizza

If a list claims to be numbering the most popular Types of Pizza around the world, the Margherita picks itself. It is the proverbial first name on the team list. It is named after Queen Margherita, the first queen of Italy. This classic pizza type is at least a century old. It is believed to have been first made by the chef of Pizzeria Brandi who was named Raffaelle Esposito for the Queen of Italy in the year 1889. This classic pizza type is made from toppings of Tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese. The colors of the toppings are set in a way that they represent the three colors of the Italian flag.

2. The Stromboli Pizza

Many believe that the Stromboli Pizza and the Calzone are the same, which is, of course, not true. The recipe was first thought of and executed by Nazzareno Romano, and it is believed to have originated in the United States. The main ingredients of this Pizza are Bread dough and Cheese. The toppings depend upon choice and can be both vegetables and meat. It belongs to the Turnover type of Pizza and is shaped like a long cylinder. This Pizza type is often confused with the Calzone, although, they are subtly different concerning ingredients and shape.

3. The Pizza Marinara

In Italian, the word “marina” means Sailors and this Pizza was designed specifically for them, hence, the name. The Pizza Marinara is pretty similar to the Margherita, but it is unlike it as it is vegan and lacks mozzarella cheese as an ingredient. Introduced way back in history in the year 1735, it was originally prepared using Olive oil, oregano, basil, cherry tomatoes, and garlic. It was the go-to food for the sailors that stayed on waters for long periods owing to the easily preservable ingredients this pizza is made with.

4. The Neapolitan Pizza From Naples

Originating from the beautiful city of Naples in Italy. The Neapolitan pizza is believed to be the basis for the contemporary American Pizza and its variations that followed. It is made with tomato and mozzarella cheese and is preserved as the most ancient and the oldest pizza recipes ever. The recipe for making this classical pizza is included in the list of intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO. The tomatoes used in making this pizza are either Roma tomatoes or San Marzano tomatoes. The Pizza Marinara and the Margherita are variations of this oldest permutation among the Types of Pizza.

5. The Lahmacun Pizza

Originating from the Middle East, the Lahmacun Pizza is known by a variety of other names which include Lebanese Pizza”, “Turkish Pizza”, “Armenian Pizza”, and “Syrian Pizza” among others. The meaning of the word lamha-bi-ajin is “meat with dough”. It is made using the toppings of minced meat and vegetables along with herbs like onions and tomatoes with parsley. Spices like pepper and cinnamon are added to enhance the taste. It is known by different names in different parts of the Middle East but provides the same mouth-watering taste wherever it is eaten.

6. The Deep Dish Pizza And The Intriguing Story Behind It

Among the above-mentioned Types of Pizza, this one has the most intriguing story behind its origin. It was invented by partners Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo who were initially planning to start a restaurant that would serve Mexican cuisine. This plan was dropped after one of the partners acquired a sudden dislike for Mexican food, and the duo decided to shift to Pizza. The Italian Pizzas they had thus far eaten were nothing more than appetizers according to them. Hence, they decided to make a heavier and more fulfilling variation. The Pizza they prepared was to be known the Deep Dish and came with a thicker crust and plenty of Cheese.

Never Say No To Experimentation

The classical Pizza types are without a doubt the most loved across the globe but the new experiments with the food shouldn’t be avoided or outright denied. One shouldn’t forget that these pizza types which are today revered as classics were at one time a crazy invention to suit the needs or the whims and fancies or emperors and queens.

Hence, no matter how silly an idea may sound for toppings on a Pizza, try it, taste it, and you might just end up discovering something exquisite. Just like the chefs around the world got their hands on the most mouth-watering Types of Pizza in history.

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