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You should visit Ruby Tuesday Restaurant if you want to enjoy having a delicious meal. If you like to have cocktails, their bar menu has a lot of drinks to offer. There are so many fast-food restaurants out there and you can find your favorite food very easily! However, sometimes it is difficult for the restaurants to know what exactly their customers need and that is why Ruby Tuesday has a portal survey for their customers, and you have to visit it to know more about it.

All you need to do is to share your last experience with them, keep their receipt with you, and you will access the survey with the help of these receipts only. Moreover, you don’t have to be worried about the process of the survey, just read this article further, and you will get to know everything you need. But first, you should know more about this restaurant.

Ruby Tuesday Restaurant: Complete Information

Before the survey instruction, just read the summary of this restaurant’s profile. If you want to know their story and profile in detail, you can also explore it through a browser. Moreover, this restaurant is a dining restaurant, and they have five groups of the menu for you, and they are-

  • The main menu; you can order a one-dish meal and other menus.
  • Dessert
  • Kids menu, if your kid is under ten, then they have special food for kids.
  • Catering menu, in case you want to organize a party and want caterer.
  • Bar menu, you can enjoy various drinks here.

This restaurant has three missions, and they are Quality, Passion, and Pride.

  • Quality: They serve excellent quality food with fresh ingredients. From beef to lettuce to grapes, everything is freshly picked.
  • Passion: They select their employees based on passion so that they give you satisfying service and you will definitely be happy.
  • Pride: You will receive full attention from the employees and would definitely return satisfied with this restaurant.

This restaurant has been serving people since 1972 and has a typical American menu. It is founded by Samuel E. Beal 3rd and was opened in Knoxville, Tennessee for the first time. One of the interesting things about this restaurant is its name; it is named after Rolling Stone’s one of the popular songs.

Preparation to access Tellrubytuesday:

Now that you know enough about Ruby Tuesday, you should know about the tools that you would need for this survey. Here are some of the requirements:

  • You need to select a correct device that has excess to the internet connection since you have to do this survey online, therefore, select a correct device, it can be your mobile phone, laptop, tablet anything that has good speed and an internet connection.
  • Good internet connection is also very much necessary since if the connection is unstable, you will have a problem in taking the survey.
  • You should also need a receipt since you will get the survey code on the receipt only. When you enter the first page of the survey portal you have to enter that code, if the code you entered is correct, you will land on the question page of the survey immediately.

How to take Ruby Tuesday Survey:

This survey is pretty easy to complete; all you need to do is to follow some of the easy steps and you are done! The questions are very easy; you need to answer according to your experience of your visit to the restaurant. However, if you face any problem, you can write it down in detail.  So, here are the steps to do the survey-

  • Visit their survey portal: you need to visit using your browser and this way you will land on the main page.
  • Enter your survey code: take your receipts and enter the access code from it, you can take this survey from 3 days of your visit. See the receipt; you will notice a 16 characters code. Don’t forget to check the expiration of the survey before using the receipts.
  • Complete the survey: now you will see the questions of the survey, you can choose the answer from the options in an MCQ type question, and you can also answer in detail to a description question. Some of the questions are-
  • Do you get your food packed for home or ate at the restaurant?
  • Are you satisfied?
  • Your opinion on the employees?
  • Your opinion about food and convenience.

In the last step you will get a coupon code, just write it down on your receipt.

  • Now, just go to the nearest Ruby Tuesday and redeem your coupon, but remember to do it before 90 days, after that you won’t be able to claim the prize.

Ways to get deals & coupon at Ruby Tuesday:

There are other ways rather than the survey through which you can get discounts and good deals at Ruby Tuesday. Here is how-

  • First is the easiest way, and that is by performing the survey. By completing Ruby Tuesday’s survey, you would get a coupon code that you can use.
  • Moreover, you can also complete a survey on the Grab and Go Garden Bar, which is an online food ordering service that is featured by Ruby Tuesday. Here is how you can do that-
  • Visit
  • Perform the survey.
  • Enter your email address where you will receive a digital coupon, and you will get a discount of 20 % on online ordering.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Join So Connected, which is a club. Then you can get free burgers and appetizers.

How can you access Ruby Tuesday’s location?

  • Visit their official website by using
  • Enter your zip code and click the Go button.
  • Note down the information you see about the location

How to reach their customer service?

It is very easy to contact them, and you can provide your feedback on their website and there you can also visit the Contact Us menu. Service is prompt and the solution is given immediately!!

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