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To make sure that your business runs properly and you get more and more customers every day, what you need to pay the most attention to is the customer service. One happy customer brings two more customers along. There are many ways to check on how your services are doing and are your tricks working in any way. The best thing to being done in today’s time is to create a website which would get reviews from your customers and they might just add some suggestions along if need be. This comes as a free method and is very easy to work on.

This is exactly what the Bojangles restaurant did to make their customers happier and improve their services. Bojangles is a very popular fast-food chain in the United States of America is known for its services offered to the customers and the food they serve as well. To check on how they are performing in the market and find scope for any further improvement in their work, they started asking for reviews from their customers and make notes of any suggestions given. Later, a website was created which would officially be just for the reviews and to know the information their customers would want to share. The website came to be known as Talktobo.

Few Insights in Survey & Feedback Programs

Talktobo Survey: Introduction

Talktobo doesn’t only benefit the brand but also brings good news for the customers. The customers get a platform where they can express their views about the food they just had and the services they received. They are free to make any suggestions and the people on the other side would actually listen to them and work on them. The website is free and doesn’t ask for any personal data that might hinder your life in any way. The restaurant asks for your likes and dislikes and you can even be as brutal as you want. This is a good method for you to demand services or quality for what you were just asked to pay.

Apart from this, you even get special and exciting offers if you fill-up the survey. You can win prizes and get them redeemed when you visit next or in any other way if you wish. This also helps you get a much better service when you visit the restaurant again. Additionally, the talktobo survey is pretty simple and you don’t have to answer any complex questions that could take too much of your time or ask for any payments.

Prerequisites for filling up the survey:

This survey is conducted in a very professional manner while trying their best to keep it as simpler as possible. Therefore, to take the survey, there are certain things that need to take care of or should be available around you to help you during the procedure.

  • To get started with, you can fill-up the form or take the Talktobo survey only if you are a resident of the United States lawfully.
  • An internet connection is very important to take the survey as the form is not available offline. To get started with the process, you need to have a device, preferably a laptop or tablet where you can fill up the survey form.
  • Avoid using smartphones as the pages might not load properly on the phone or you might just miss out on some information.
  • The person filling up the survey needs to be at least 18. A person with age below it won’t be allowed for the survey.
  • The survey can be taken up only if you have a receipt of the Bojangles store, which would have a code that is used to initiate the process.
  • Additionally, the valid date to fill up the survey after collecting the receipt expires after a week. This means you need to fill up the survey form within the week of which you have collected the receipt from the store.

How to know if you are eligible for the survey?

  • To begin with, the people who can take the survey should not belong to the brand or its employees in any way. The employee’s family, friends, etc. are not allowed to fill-up the form.
  • Although the questions in the form are easy to understand and answer, they are available only in English or Spanish. So you will have to know either of these languages to take up the survey.
  • The price that you win by reviewing the restaurant can be redeemed only by one person from one receipt. The receipt should also have the date, time and other necessities to prove its validity.
  • Just like Tellthebell from Taco Bell, Bojangles brand doesn’t allow you to share or transfer your gifts to other people.

How to take up the Talktobo Survey?

  • To start reviewing the restaurant and to participate in the survey, you need to first enter the official website of Talktobo.
  • The next step is where you select the language in which you would be the most comfortable in answering questions. After this, the page asks you to enter the code that you receive from the receipt of the store.
  • The code mostly has 5 digits. Once you enter the time and the date of your visit to the store, you can start with the questions. At the end of the survey, provide your name, contact, etc. which could come in use later.
  • When you are done with it, note down the validation code that comes in the end. This would help you with the points, gifts, etc. as well.

As mentioned above, Talktobo is a great platform to express your views on the restaurant and its services. You are free to talk about any topic related to the restaurant such as the employees working there, your views on the prices they have kept on the stuff. You can even talk about the taste and the quality of food that was offered to you, how quick was their service and was there any problem you had faced that could have been easily available.

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