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RaceTrac is an American corporation that runs a chain of gas stations across the southern states of the country. It has recorded revenue of $9.1 billion in 2013. This company operates more than 650 gasoline stores and the convenience store with it. So for a big company like RaceTrac, to ensure wholesome customer experience, excellent service and products must be supplied. So how does RaceTrac give the best service to its customers?

Well, the answer to that question is the RaceTrac Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey is crucial for the company’s growth and sustenance. Since it is one of the biggest gasoline service chains, with stores in more than 370location, in order to keep motorists going, RaceTrac needs to keep its customers happy. With a happy and satisfied customer base, they are more likely to be loyal. It should be noted that RaceTrac also has a convenience store at every gas station, which provides all the basic necessities that are required.

TellRaceTrac Survey: Introduction

Well, the name of the survey is aptly called Tell RaceTrac. In this survey, you would be required to answer a series of questions and let them know how you feel about their service. In this way, the company would know how to improve its service in this highly competitive market. With the generation of their online survey, the company would be able to gauge the satisfaction level of the consumers and also fix any problem faced by customers.

A good shopping experience leads to customers becoming loyal. So to ensure a steady stream of loyal customers, you need to create a safe and memorable experience for your customers. To entice customers to take the survey, the company offers a redemption code for a free item from their convenience store.

Requirements to Take TellRaceTrac survey:

1. Receipt

To take part in the survey; you would need to purchase some items. The receipt contains the store number of the RaceTrac franchise which is essential for the survey.  You would also need to provide your visit time, transaction amount and date of visit. Upon providing all of this, you would be able to start the survey.

2. Internet connection

Since the survey is conducted online, you would need a stable internet connection and a computer or laptop to access the survey.

3. Pen or pencil

You would need to note down the redemption code that you would get on the completion of the survey.

Steps to Take TellRaceTrac survey:

This survey is done to assess the level of satisfaction of a customer. To conduct this survey is essential, as it would help the company were to improve on to give a better experience to its customers. So how do you take the survey?

  1. Survey web portal
  2. To take part in the survey, go to the designated web portal at
  3. Click on the ‘Next’ option and begin.
  4. Choose the language that you are comfortable in, before taking the survey
  5. Type in the store code to give them the store location.
  6. Give the information they ask of you like the date of your visit, the amount of your transaction, and the time of your visit. You would also be required to specify the item that you have bought during that particular visit.
  7. Type in the transaction number
  8. Answer a series of questions based on your Racetrac experience.
  9. After completing the survey, you would get a redemption code. You would have to write the redemption code down at the back of the receipt and on your next visit, use it to get a free item.

Questions on Tell Racetrac Survey:

To take the survey, there are many questions that you would be asked. The questions are actually multiple-choice questions, so you would have to select one with the best possible answers. Here is a list of what questions are commonly asked.

  1. The first question that is asked is about the item that you might have purchased.
  2. The next question is about the overall satisfaction that you have as a consumer. In this, you would have to rate your experience form a scale of five, with one being the most unsatisfied and five being the most satisfied.
  3. In the next section, you are allowed to give your own suggestions to how you would like them to improve.
  4. The next section is about the other items that you might have bought. In this, you can select the different items and merchandise that you have bought.
  5. After that, you need to tell on the type of fuel that you might have bought.
  6. After all of these questions, there are a few agree-disagree questions that you would have to take, for example- you do not feel safe when you are alone in the store, or if the hot food that they served was healthy.

After taking this survey and you still feel that your complaint is not taken seriously, then you should contact the customer service. There are a few ways to do so.

Race Trac Customer Care Support:

The best way to get your word through is to call on their customer care and guest relation number. In this way, your voice would be heard.

Guest Relation no. – 1 888 635 558

By mail – Another way to contact them is by mail. Get in touch with them by mail.

Message – Another way to keep in touch with them is by dropping them a message on their website.

To keep customers happy, the service maintains its satisfaction. This is not only important to the business, but also for improved profit and reputation.

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