MyWawaVisit Survey – Get a Chance to Win $250 Gift Card

Have something to share about your recent Wawa visit? Did you like the food? Do you have any complaints, compliments, or suggestions? If yes, then Mywawavisit is your place. Visit the website and ponder down your thoughts and reviews about the company. The company has started its customer feedback portal to understand its customers better. Wawa, as a company, wants to evaluate its performance and work towards more success. This customer feedback survey is the best way to know what the customers think about their food products and other services.

If you think it’s a waste of time and who cares, then you are wrong. As a token of gratitude for your valuable time and feedback, the company gives you exciting freebies. Here is your chance to win gift cards ranging from $100-1500.

Mywawavisit Survey – Introduction

Wawa is famous for its Coffee, Hoagies, Gasoline, Beverages, Snacks, Dairy products, and many more food-related products. It is a food company with more than 800 stores at different locations across the world. It was established about 54 years ago at Grahame Wood at Wawa, Pennsylvania, United States of America. The business of Wawa is ever growing and flourishing. To make further improvements, Wawa launched its customer feedback survey, Mywawavisit.

Wawa Customer Feedback:

Mywawavisit is an online customer feedback portal of the company Wawa. The company has carefully designed this survey to cover various aspects like their food products and other services. The customers are asked to give their honest reviews and ratings about various customer services provided by the company. The survey and feedback is the best way to know the customers. The company can easily deduce the demands and needs of its customers. This is done to enhance their experience at the restaurant.

The survey is also a means to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the customers. The customers can leave feedback about what they love about the company and what makes them keep coming back here. Suggestions are also welcomed by the customers. Just like dqfansurvey & tellpizzahut, Wawa offer return gift, the customer gets free gift cards from the company. These gift cards can be redeemed on your next visit to the restaurant. Let us explore what you need and how you can take the survey.

Mywawavisit Survey Requirements & Rules:

Check the following boxes in order to participate in the survey.

  • You have a laptop, PC or smartphone.
  • A strong internet connection is a must.
  • You are 18 years and above.
  • The survey is only for the residents of the United States.
  • Survey code (printed on the receipt) is required.
  • In case you don’t have one, you can use the store number.
  • You must know either English or Spanish.
  • Details of your visit like date and time are needed.
  • You must have a valid address and phone number.
  • Employees and their family members are exempted from the survey.
  • One person can use only one survey code. Your code cannot be used by anyone else.
  • Only one gift card can be redeemed per month.

Steps to Fill the Mywawavisit Survey:

Here’s a step by step procedure to fill out the Mywawavisit survey.

  1. Go to the official website The website is totally safe.
  2. Please select your language as English or Spanish, whichever suits you best.
  3. Enter the Survey code and store number.
  4. Click on the start button to begin your survey.
  5. The server will verify the details entered by you. If the details are correct, you will be redirected to a new page. The server will generate a set of feedback question for you.
  6. Answer all the questions and rate their services. The customers are expected to be honest and sincere with their answers.
  7. After answering all the questions, click on the Submit button.
  8. The survey is now complete.
  9. The company will ask you to enter your personal details like the address and phone number.
  10. These details are used to inform you if you have won any prize.

You can only fill one survey with one receipt. So, make multiple purchases at the store to get multiple receipts. This can increase your chances of becoming a lucky winner.

Rewards & Prizes of Wawa:

You can earn freebies by filling out the survey at Mywawavisit. The company offers these rewards to encourage customers to participate in the survey. Their rewards include gift cards, discount coupons, sweepstakes points, and free food. Keep an eye on the official website of Wawa, for latest promotional offers and discounts.

Feel free to give your opinion on the customer satisfaction survey. Your opinion matters to the company. Moreover, the free food you get can make your day.

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