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There are many people who love a cup of coffee with delicious doughnuts. Krispy Kreme Survey is one of the three largest coffee house chains having over 1000 chains in countries throughout the world. A customer can make purchases either from the store of Krispy Kreme or from one of the many outlets of the shop in general stores. Krispy Kreme conducts a survey every year named Krispy Kreme Listens where it notes down the feedback of the customers, listens to their needs and works towards their satisfaction.

The company has always tried innovation and provided its customers something new to stand out from its competitors. The Krispy Kreme Listens is a 5-minute survey that must be filled by all of its loyal customers for any future additions or improvements.

Points To Remember About The Krispy Kreme Listens Survey:

The survey like any other survey is a way of understanding the needs and desires of the customers and their expectations to make sure that the company remains different than its competitors. There are several rules and restrictions behind the survey that you must know beforehand.

  • Open to all guests:

Anyone can take the Krispy Kreme Listens survey as long as they have a receipt of a recent purchase. The customers need to make sure that the survey code is mentioned in the receipt post-transaction.

  • Access requirements:

There are certain requirements that need to be fulfilled to take part in the survey. A customer needs a receipt and the invitation code to complete the survey. It is recommended that you take the survey using a PC to void any connection and technical issues.

  • Rules of the survey:

The main rule of the survey is that it can only be taken once. The length of the invitation code determined which website you need to visit. There is a different website for a 15 digit code and a different one for a 16 digit code.

  • Rewards:

Being a loyal customer, you can get a free doughnut using the validation code you get from the survey.

Steps to take the Krispy Kreme Listens Survey:

If you are one of the fans of Krispy Kreme, you should complete the survey. You can access any of the two sites provided for the survey based on the number of digits of the code.

  • All you need to do is visit the survey site and enter the Krispy Kreme Survey code.
  • The code can be found at the bottom of the receipt. You may also need to enter the time of the visit and then you can press the start button. There are two transaction types available in dine-in and carry out. Select either of them and start answering the questions.
  • Once you have answered the questions, you need to enter the Zipcode and sign up for the club of Krispy Kreme.
  • For this, you need to provide your name, e-mail account address, and date of birth.
  • After completing all the steps, you will receive a validation code using which the reward for the survey can be redeemed.
  • There are other ways to fill the survey form. You can contact the customer service and give them your feedback directly. Another way is to write a feedback letter to the company.

Online Feedback Form:

Krispy Kreme provides an online feedback form that is different from the survey. There is a strong chance that you might lose your invitation code and so you can share your experiences using the online feedback form. The procedure to fill the form is easier than actually taking the survey.

It is different from the survey in the way that you need to fill in your personal details. There are a few small steps you need to follow to share your experiences:

  • Visit the official Krispy Kreme website:

The website contains all the information about the menu, branches, and staff of the coffeehouse.

  • Click on Contact Us:

You can find the “contact us” link and click on it. You will be taken directly to the feedback form after pressing the link button.

  • Enter personal details:

You will have to then enter your details like name and address. There will be a specified section for each detail. Next, you might have to give your e-mail ID, street address, city, and the state. Many forms often ask for Zipcode and mobile number.

  • Select a subject:

The most important part of the feedback is to enter the topic or subject of the feedback. You need to mention the topic of the message like marketing, nutrition, donation, and information.

  • Write the feedback:

You will be provided with a box in which you need to write your message to the company. This can be positive or negative as long as you tell the shortcomings and ways to fight back the problems. You have to mention the location of the outlet you visited, the good and the bad about the store and what can be done in the future under 1024 characters.

  • Verification and submission:

After you are done with the feedback form, you will need to verify that you are not a robot. After you have completed the small process, you can submit the feedback and exit the site.

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Krispy Kreme Listens: Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of different questions asked in the Krispy Kreme survey. These questions are mainly regarding the complete details of your previous visits and the experience you had. The Krispy Kreme Listens can have questions regarding:

  • The type of your visit.
  • Satisfaction from the coffee and doughnuts.
  • The items you brought from the shop.
  • Any issues related to Krispy Kreme.
  • Your opinion on Krispy Kreme.
  • Details of your visit like the time spent at an outlet.
  • What item do you mainly order and how much you spent on a visit?
  • How many times do you visit other fast food outlets?
  • The reasons for visiting this coffeehouse.

The survey also likes to tell you to revisit the Krispy Kreme coffeehouse in 30 days, like any other survey. Another question that may be asked to you would be who recommended the shop. The survey would later ask you to recommend Krispy Kreme to other acquaintances.

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