Best Indoor Smokeless Grill (2020) Reviews | Buying Guide

Grilling is a perfect way of cooking for those who like our food dry and lesser fats on it. It is also a fantastic way to connect with friends and family. Outdoor Grilling requires certain weathering conditions to be right or else it can spoil your BBQ experience. However with the rise in technology, comes to our rescue, Smokeless Indoor Grills. They are designed to be smokeless as far as possible so that they can be used with ease indoors. Most of the Indoor Grills are based on Gas or electric for heat generation. These are sure to make a fantastic grill experience regardless of outdoor conditions and are more healthy due to less smoke and fats on food.

With indoor Grills, the most common type that pops up in one’s mind is a tabletop grill. But changing times has led us to a more efficient and smart way of grilling with infrared based heating technology and several other exclusive features on These appliances. These devices use a heating coil and radiation mode of heat transfer to the food for perfect, efficient and even cooking. The market is full of these products but before buying the product, some specific guidelines are to be considered for the best buy. Indoor smokeless grills come with various features and smart functions of their own with a varied range of power as well. You have to be sure of your needs fulfilled with the product you choose. There are some points which need to be looked for before you choose what fits well on your needs. These are sure to help you find your fit

Buyer’s Guide To Best Smokeless Grill

Often indoor grills are used on the electrical power supply and come with many features. Here are the things to look after before getting the Best Indoor smokeless grill.

  • Switch For On/Off- You have to look for your device to have a switch for on/off. This is a safety feature and is a must for an electrical device. Avoid those models without a switch as they have a higher risk of catching fire.
  • Temperature control – some grills come with full temperature control settings while others have simply on/off switch based predefined temperature settings. Temperature control is an essential feature. The device should have a temperature display the temperature at which the device is working at.
  • Power Rating – you have to know if the grill is hot enough to start cooking. A girl with 1000 to 1500 words is powerful enough to cook meat. The lower power ratings will cook food slower and may lose the texture of grilling. The power rating applies to quick and efficient grilling of food. It also makes the grill to heat up quickly for reduced cooking time. Nevertheless, more power in hand is never bad and will ease your grilling experience.
  • Cooking Space – most of the Indoor grills have less cooking space. you must know the size that is sufficient for your needs and requirements. Some models offer simultaneous modes of cooking in one appliance. If you are getting it for personal use you may choose a smaller one.
  • Ease of Cleaning – Many models offer removable grill tops and also removable drip trays for any kind of fat or marinade that falls and collects in it. It will be easier to clean them. The grill surface often has nonstick material coating like ceramic or aluminum. The parts are removable as well as dishwasher friendly. It will be time saving for you.
  • Size, Weight & Portability – grills come in different is highly advised to measure the counter area where you are planning to keep your grill and also compare it with the dimension of the model you are planning to buy. Also, look for the weight of the product for easy portability. A large size grill means more cooking area. Look for your needs and decide your product accordingly.
  • Pricing and Warranty on the product – If you are on a budget you need to identify the perfect fit with reasonable cost which is the value of money. Look for the price and compare it with other brands and products of the same segment. An open warranty of 1 year is provided on products.
  • Other Features – Many products on the market offer various other features. Automatic temperature control, infrared-based heating system, smart menu options, and preset heating are some of them. Go for your perfect fit as per your need and choose the right product for yourself.

Many of the Indoor smokeless grills come with a top lid that locks the vapor inside for faster cooking, retained with juices inside the food. This is best for those who like their food juicy and tender. Some brands also provide skewers as an added benefit to the consumers for a better experience of grilling. Consider the above points before buying your product. You will not regret keeping them in mind before choosing the perfect fit for yourself.

Top Best Indoor Smokeless Grill:

we have compiled a list of the Top best indoor smokeless grills that are available in the market. The specifications, features, and reviews as tested and voiced from users across the globe. Look out for your perfect choice from these.

1. Philips HD6371/94 Indoor Grill

With the top rated reviews from users across the globe, The Philips HD 637/94 indoor grill tops our list in the top best indoor smokeless grills. this device uses infrared heating technology for even heat distribution and cooking of food for a delicious taste. It is designed for smokeless Grilling and is based on the electrical power supply. The prestigious brand Philips never fails to amaze us with its unique technology, design and utmost quality products. Below the grill is a removable drip tray that allows the fats, oil and other things to fall in it and saving the heating coils. The infrared rays check for even cooking of food. This device comes with a constant heat temperature of 446 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for cooking on the grill. Overall the product is quite sturdy and durable as well as trendy design. It is widely appreciated for its ease of use, infrared technology and unique design that cuts down on fat and smoke in the cooking process.


  • Pre-Heating is very fast in this device
  • Removable parts help ease in cleaning
  • Infrared technology ensures even cooking.
  • Lightweight and very portable.


  • This doesn’t come with a lid for cooking.
  • Infrared rays can affect visions in cases.
  • Less control over temperature.
  • Slightly overpriced due to latest technology.

2. Hamilton Beach Electric Stainless Steel Smokeless Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach is known to bring world class quality in electrical appliances. This product comes with a top hood which also serves as a lid for cooking and grilling. The top hood has a glass window to look at your food while it is being processed. It also has a large drip tray and a nonstick grill which are detachable. There is a knob provided for temperature control and a power / preheat light. The product is designed for portability as well. It’s hood and high searing temperature locks in juices of food and helps tender cooking. The product is bestseller across globes with all positive reviews on it.


  • Top hood has a window to look after the food.
  • Top hood, grill, and drip tray are all detachable and dishwasher safe.
  • Durable design and material used.


  • No Negative reviews
  • Heavily priced due to quality product and brand name.

3. Inalsa Arizona 1200-Watt Electric Barbque Griller

The Arizona indoor grill by Inalsa comes equipped with a 1200 watt of heating power. This product has non stick coated heating plates for easy cleaning, A premium stainless steel decoration on the top and stylish body finish to enhance the look of your kitchen. This product also provides 9 automatic rotating skewers for better grilling experience. It also has a feature of heating up and ready to cook lights which indicates when your device is ready for use. The tray is a detachable grill plate. It has three temperature settings, crumb tray, oil collector which can be removed for cleaning and storing purposes. this is a lightweight and small-sized device ideal for fitting in less space. It is also so very feasible for daily use.


  • It has automatic rotating skewers for grilling.
  • It gives you more control over the temperature settings.
  • Cleaning is easy and is dishwasher safe.


  • It does not come equipped with a lid.
  • Power rating is average.

4. American Micronic AMI BBQ 150Dx 1500-Watt Barbeque Griller

Prepare new menus in a delicious way possible with AMI BBQ 150Dx indoor grill by American Micronic. Whether 1500 watt power rating it is pretty much convenient for all kinds of grill needs. This comes with a top transparent glass lid used to look at food while it been cooked following a tender and juicy style of cooking. A knob is provided to control temperature ranging up to 220 degrees Celsius. The grill top is non stick plate designed half as a grill and another half to be used as pan / Tava for pancakes, dosa, etc. The oil is collected at a base in a detachable oil box which can be pulled out for cleaning.


  • The glass lid is toughened ensuring it’s durability.
  • Oil box and grill plate are easy to detach which ease in cleaning.


  • There is less cooking space while using it with a lid on hence fewer items in time, can be cooked with the lid.

5. Weber Q 1400 Electric Grill

Where Power, Safety, durability and cooking space matters, Weber’s Q1400 Electric Grill is named. It has a power rating of 2200 Watts, heats super fast and gives you temperature control with an easy to use the knob. The cooking grill is non stick porcelain coated iron and it comes with an aluminum top lid and a cooking box. The grills and drip pan for catching oil/grease are detachable for cleaning Convenience. It is spacious enough for a complete meal with lids on as well.


  • The product quality is very durable and it is easy to use as well.
  • It’s removable and dishwasher safe parts ensures easy cleaning.
  • 5 years of manufacturers warranty is provided .


  • This product is highly priced in this segment.

6. Skyline VTL-4545 Barbeque Grill

The VTL – 4545 Grill comes with a power rating of 2000 Watts which heats up pretty fast. This is made to be portable and hence easy to use for indoors as well as outdoor cooking. The grill can be easily detached and cleaned. This grill has a temperature controller, an oil drip tray. The height of grill to the heating coil can be adjusted as well, thus providing a better grilling experience. The product design is made sturdy for small cooking needs. This goes in the budget as well.


  • Adjustable grill height and temperature control eases in cooking process .
  • It is designed to fit in small spaces.


  • Few traces of smoke can be seen while cooking .
  • No Lid is provided with the product.

7. Bajaj 18/10 Steel Kebab and Grill Maker

The Bajaj’s Kebab and Grill Maker, a 1200 Watt power rated grill, with the trust of Bajaj’s quality in electrical appliances is a very nice option in this segment. This 18X10 inches product has a non stick steel top grill plate and 9 skewers at the bottom with automatic rotating motors. This product gives you the double benefit of a griller and skewer as well. The drip tray at the bottom is detachable for easy cleaning. It is equipped with a power switch and temperature control knob also. This product fits into several needs and is also true value for money.


  • Twin option with Skewers and grill.
  • Detachable and dishwasher safe grill and oil drip tray.
  • Portable unit, can also be carried and used outdoors as well.


  • Skew sticks are thin but serves the basic purpose.
  • There is no top lid provided for cooking.

8. Black & Decker Appliances LGM70 2200- Open Flat Grill Machine

Cook mouth watering dishes with all new black and decker appliances LGM70 grill machine. This is a perfect solution for oil-free and healthy cooking. This griller features a large cooking surface to cook a complete meal in one go. It is equipped with a temperature control unit. A thick glass lid is provided with this product to avoid splatter. The drip tray and non stick grill plates are easily detachable so as to add in easy cleaning. It has a power rating of 2200 watts, easily pre-heats and comes with a preset temperature for different kinds of cooking needs. This product is rated as durable from its users.


  • Transparent Top Glass lid is provided which helps in easy cooking .
  • It serves its purpose completely as an indoor smokeless grill machine.
  • Comes with a spatula to easily clean grill surface while cooking.


  • Large pieces cannot be grilled.
  • Uneven heat distribution around the heating coil.

9. Inalsa Arizona Gr 1000 -Watt Electric Grill

The Inalsa Arizona GR 1000 Watt electrical grill offers a compact and elegant design. This device is suitable for small grilling needs. This comes equipped with a power button and light. It comes with 6 automatic rotating skewers. It also has a detachable crumb tray and wire and grill pan making it easier to clean. The product is useful for tender needs and is suitable for personal use only.


  • Rotating skewers provide good cooking experience.
  • The product comes with Skewers, a grill pan, and a wire pan as well as tongs also to facilitate smooth cooking.


  • Small pieces can be cooked at one time.
  • Overloading the product can result in less efficient and slow cooking.
  • It emits heat hence require proper care while operation.

10. Hamilton Beach 38546 3-In-One Grill/Griddle

This one is an amazing product from Hamilton Beach. It comes with 3 in one cooking options with Grill, Griddle, and combo of both. This product has two detachable nonstick grill plates with a large surface for cooking. The oil drip pot is in center collecting drips from both plates at once and can be pulled out for ease of cleaning. Heating control is provided separately for both trays for different cooking temperatures and cooking entire meals at once.


  • Large surface area for cooking
  • Separate temperature control ease in cooking different menu at once.
  • Detachable parts make it easier to clean.


  • No Lid is provided with the product.
  • Large coil without the top lid gives uneven cooking.
  • Larger in the area requires more storage space.

Some products in the market offer steam and small grill as a set of two nonstick plates which can be put on the gas stove and used conveniently. The lower plate serves as a drip tray and the upper as a grill. The drip tray is simply filled with water or juices for taste. With these products on our list and our buying guide, we recommend you find the need and a reason to buy the ultimate happiness of Indoor grill for your home. Choose the product which fits your need ideally, is best rated and falls for the value of money.
Go ahead, make your choice.

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