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Sobeys Inc is a company which has grown immensely with time ever since it was founded in the year 1907. It was founded by John William Sobey in the Stellarton, California. Today, Sobey manages more than 1500 stores distributed among 10 provinces of Canada. The company’s head offices are also built in different parts of Canada like Ontario and Calgary. The company was first started as a meat delivery provider in 1907. Frank. H. Sobey, the son of J.W.Sobey went on to develop the company at a compelling pace and by 1924 the company controlled multiple grocery stores and had turned into a successful chain of grocery stores.

 The store is your one-stop solution for a variety of grocery items ranging from meat to fresh, daily-use vegetables. Sobey stores are spread across Canada and you can quite easily find one for you without having to tread long distances. Users can visit the store website and find the Sobey store which is closest to their location. This giant chain of food retailers has become a household name across the country and continues to grow at a steady pace. One of the primary reasons for the ever-growing progress of the Sobeys store is their willingness to interact with their customers base and make changes according to the customers’ wish. After all, the key to keep growing is to stay in touch with the ground realities.

Purpose Of The Sobeys Survey:

 The Sobeys survey is designed by the company to stay in touch and keep interacting with their customer base. All that the customers need to do is give their honest feedback about the experience they generally have at different Sobeys stores. The feedback is, in turn, used by the higher authorities at Sobeys to make the changes that most consumers think should be made. This chain towards better improvement is the sole purpose of such a survey. Moreover, the customers get to participate in a discourse with the authorities and feel valued. This is necessary to promote and maintain a healthy relationship between the store and the consumers.

Rewards At The Sobeys Survey Sweepstakes:

  • The reward for the winner of the Sobeys sweepstakes is up to $1000. This prize is given to one person every month, hence, there is one sweepstakes reward to grab every month.
  • The receipt received at the Sobeys store has a number on it.
  • That number is the sweepstakes number for the running month and it is that number that customers have to enter after they’ve answered all the questions on the survey.
  • The winner of the monthly sweepstakes is contacted through phone or email. According to the guidelines, if the winner does not respond and answer calls or replies to the mails, the company will have to choose an alternate winner.

Steps To Fill The Sobeys Survey:

 This survey is immensely easy to fill and can be completed in no more than just a few minutes. It involves very few steps until you are given questions regarding your experience at the Sobeys store.

Step 1 – Firstly, you need to visit the Sobeys store survey portal which you can access easily through your web browser. Use a search engine to find the survey page or directly enter the URL and get redirected to the page.

Step 2 – Once you’ve accessed the page, select a language of your choice to fill the survey in. The Sobeys store survey can be filled in either of two languages, which are, English and French.

Step 3 – Now, you have to enter the Sobeys store number which will be mentioned on the receipt you have from your last visit. You can check the receipt sample on the website to know where the store number is mentioned.

Step 4 – Once you’ve entered the number you need to verify the location of the store and you’ll be all set to fill the survey. If the store displayed is the one you visited, click on it and get redirected straight to the questionnaire.

Step 5 – The survey will ask questions regarding your overall experience at the Sobeys store. Answer the questions honestly to fully realize the purpose of the feedback survey.

Step 6 – Once you’re done with the survey, you can enter the sweepstakes number and make yourself eligible for the reward of $1000.


 The survey fulfills multiple purposes at once. Firstly, it gives the regular Sobeys customers an opportunity to win rewards. Secondly, it enhances the relationship between the store and its consumer base. This comes in handy in the way that the company gets honest reviews from their most loyal customers. On the basis of the feedback, they can affect the necessary changes to optimize customer satisfaction at their stores. Hence, this survey is a great initiative and is a must for regular visitors to Sobeys stores.

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