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Offering a wide range of appetizing Tex-Mex menu with healthy options, Baja Fresh since its inception in 1990 has been giving a lot of competition to other restaurant chains. It offers mouth-watering flavorful meals and also welcomes customers who prefer a balanced diet. Baja Fresh owes its success greatly to the customers as they do not only enjoy the services but also keep the business in check by continuously feeding the business with their suggestions, complaints, and reviews. The business operates across many countries and to take feedback from individual customers at a personal level becomes a bit complicated.

To solve the issue, Baja Fresh uses Baja Fresh Survey to know about customers’ experience. Also, to reward their customers for giving feedback, Baja Fresh offers them free coupons to be availed during their next visit.

Requirements to take the Baja Fresh Survey:

Before taking up the survey, you should meet certain requirements so that you can glide through the survey easily. It is better to take the survey on a PC and ensure that you have a fast and stable internet connection:

  • Unlike most of the other business surveys, you do not need a receipt from Baja Fresh to take the survey. You can start the survey without a receipt but to claim your reward, you will need to have a receipt.
  • To be able to claim the survey reward, you will also have to be eighteen years or older and a legal resident of the US. Employees of Baja Fresh and their family members are not eligible to take the survey.
  • You will need to provide the location of the restaurant and the date of the visit, too. It is mentioned on the receipt.

To appreciate your valuable feedback, at the end of the survey you will be rewarded, if you meet all the mentioned requirements. The reward is in the form of a coupon code. To avail it, you will have to write it on the receipt and present it at the counter on your next visit. You can redeem it at any Baja Fresh outlet within 30 days.

Steps involved in completing the Baja Survey:

Though you do not require a receipt to take the survey it will be better to take it after you have visited a Baja Fresh outlet. With the receipt, you could claim the reward and after a visit, you will be able to answer the questions clearly and correctly. If you were very satisfied with the services, you will give positive feedback but if you were disappointed, you will be able to help the business in improving their services or individual outlets.

  • To get started with the survey, visit You could also look it up on a search engine. By enabling cookies, the experience of the website will be better.
  • Enter the location of the store you visited, in the required space. You could either mention the store ID number given on the receipt or you could search it from the list provided on the website. The state can also be changed depending on the need.
  • Next, you will have to specify the date of your visit. After mentioning the date, you will also have to provide the time of your visit. The exact time at which you visited the store is not required, only a general idea is to be given for example, from 3-5pm and so on.
  • After providing all the details mentioned above, you will have to answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes simple questions and you do not have to write answers for them. You only have to rate their services. The questions usually include rating their food potion, food taste, cleanliness, staff behavior, etc. You are also given an option to leave a comment at the end of the questionnaire.
  • Upon completing the survey, you will be offered Club Baja’s membership. The membership lets you avail of various benefits and you will also be informed about any special offers running in the restaurants. To avail of the membership, you will have to provide your e-mail address and full name.
  • At the end of the survey, the coupon code will appear which will have to be written on the receipt. You can redeem it on your next visit, within the next 30 days.

What are the questions asked in the Survey?

The questions cover a wide variety of services offered by their outlets. They are easy to answer and do not require much time and effort. To name a few, the questions are regarding your frequency of visit, the food you ordered, whether you will recommend the place to others or not, some questions regarding the demographics, etc. These questions help the business in assessing their various fields of the survey and also help them to know their customers better.

How to connect to Baja Fresh’s customer helpline?

Regarding any other doubt, the customer helpline of Baja Fresh can be contacted through various means. Though basic information is available on the official website of the business but regarding any query such as food items, nearest store, etc. you can contact the representatives through:

  • You can find the helpline service number on their website and also on the receipt. This is the fastest way of reaching them and your queries are almost solved instantly.
  • They can also be contacted through mail. Their mailing address is available on their official website.
  • Feedback, query, complaints, and suggestions are also welcomed through e-mail.
  • You could also use a contact form to reach their assistance. To submit feedback, an online card can be used but to submit feedback regarding a specific store, you can directly contact the store through a contact form. Both, contact form and online card can be filled on their official website. You will have to provide your mailing address and phone number while filling either of the forms.

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