They represent the styles we love, and are created using traditional brewing processes. Each is inspired by one of our relatives or ancestors, with unique background stories that echo the style of beer. In addition to some of the core beers, you will also always find something fresh and interesting on tap in our tasting rooms.

1850 Runner | Brown Porter | 6.3% ABV

Tasting notes: Chocolate, Light Berry, Oaky Hops

During the Civil War our ancestor, Stephen Fraley, was ambushed and attacked by men with a grudge. Fraley evaded them by running into his home and hiding underneath his wife’s large hoop dress. To honor his life we brew this London-style Running Porter – a style which dates back to the heyday of Porters. In the early 1800s, Porters were either aged upwards of 18 months and called Keeping Porters or served fresh and called Running Porters. Enjoy our adaptation of a longtime favorite with notes of chocolate, light berry and oaky hops in honor of Stephen Fraley.

Dowser | Düsseldorf Altbier |ABV: 5.4%

Tasting notes: Crisp, Nutty, Balanced

Dowser is inspired by our Grandfather Alek, who practiced the art of dowsing, or searching for ground water using a Y-shaped dowsing rod, a process some scoffed at. During the brew process of Dowser the beer develops a crisp malty flavor and great hop presence through a German brewing technique called decoction mashing. Decoction mashing, much like dowsing, is often questioned but we feel the resulting maltiness and creamy mouthfeel speak for themselves. Dowser’s German herbal hops balance perfectly with crisp, nutty, malts for a very drinkable German Ale.

The Hussar | Grodziskie (Grätzer) | ABV: 4.0%

Tasting notes: Oaky Smoke, Spicy Wheat, Floral Hops

Dressed in suits of armor with giant metallic ‘wings’, Hussars struck fear in their opponents and were widely known to be part of the most deadly cavalry in Europe. The Hussar is inspired by our Polish ancestor, a Hussar who fought in the battle of Vienna with King Jan Sobieski, and was awarded land in the area of Grodzisk for his service. The Hussar is our version of a Grodziskie, or Grätzer, a resurrected beer style from our ancestor’s homeland, with notes of oaky smoke, spicy wheat, and floral hops.

Conductor | Baltic Porter | ABV: 9.0%

Tasting notes: Dark Fruit, Walnut, Molasses

In our Great Grandfather’s time, working as a conductor on the coal-powered trains of the Baltic Sea region was a position of prestige. Every day he would don a pair of white gloves, which served as a symbol of the dignity and respect that conductors commanded on these powerful trains. He is the inspiration behind Conductor, our modern Baltic Porter. Fermented cool and lagered with Polish Ale yeast, this strong beer features rich notes of dark fruit, walnut, and molasses.



Named after our uncle George, an avid fly fisherman, our Flycaster Helles Lager is a great accompaniment to a long hot day on the water before settling in for the evening with one of our porters. Doughy, bready Pilsner malt complemented by the aroma and flavor of German Spalt Select and Perle whirlpool hops accent the crisp finish of this traditional lager style beer. Flycaster is the perfect beer to pair with all of life’s events, activities and special occasions and a long lasting tribute to our beloved uncle.